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1 Paternity Test Premium for up to 3 participants

Alleged father & child or alleged father, child &mother

Costs: 299 € (inc. VAT)
additional participants: 119 € (inc. VAT)
Turn around time: 4 working days
the analysis comprises at least 31 DNA markers

Your benefits with paternity test

  1. economic and fast: most competitive paternity test on German market
  2. free of charge: in case of an exclusion, the whole DNA test is repeated free of charge with your duplicate sample for your additional safety
  3. highest quality:
    • our lab is one of Germany’s leading forensic labs for DNA analyses
    • detailed DNA report with tabular listing of all DNA profiles of all participants
  4. Accuracy:
    • paternity probability is calculated individually for each case by our scientists
    • our DNA reports are double-checked independently by two of our scientists (four-eye-principle

You are seeking accurate and reliable results – we are dedicated to quality paternity testing. By choosing our Paternity Test Premium you opt for highest quality and accurate, reliable results even in more complex paternity cases (e.g. paternity test with of two related men as possible fathers). Should you need the test for legal purposes the Premium Paternity Test is recommended. For a court-ordered test the samples of the mother need to be included for testing.

Reviewing your paternity test results

In case of confirmation of paternity your individual statistical probability will be calculated and reported. For this test we will compare at least 31 DNA markers. In the rare case of an inconclusive result (e.g. because we have two closely related males as possible fathers), we test more markers free of charge for you to satisfy the high demands of our lab on reliability and accuracy. The probability of paternity will be given with at least 99.99%. If the putative father cannot be biologically related to the child, the exclusion will be stated with a probability of 100%.

Your DNA report

Each participant will receive his or her personal DNA report. In this report we give you a detailed list of examined markers and the referring results of the test. We will send you this report by postal mail within 4 working days after the reception of your paperwork and samples.

If you chose an accelerated results service, you may receive your results overnight by ordering our express service.