Since its foundation in 1987, Eurofins has contributed significantly to the advancement of science in testing for life. We are proud of the discoveries and advancements our specialists have made in myriad sectors, ranging from food to pharma and forensics to dioxins testing.

In 400 laboratories around the world 30.000 employees are helping to improve cancer treatments, fight the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, catch criminals, safeguard the health of bees, ensure our food and water is safe, determine paternity, and beat viruses like Zika. Underpinning our work in these areas and more, Eurofins has one of the world’s largest and most varied databases, rich with fingerprints of thousands upon thousands of foodstuffs and drugs.

The complexity of our analyses, often searching for the minutest traces of a substance, mean our activities in these areas necessarily sometimes take years of painstaking research and ongoing improvements of our numerous methods. In other areas, we have responded overnight to global health crises. Wherever we are and however long it may take,our work helps to make life safer.