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Did you ever wonder how a DNA test is done

It’s really easy. Our video explains what to do:

Our tests can be ordered and paid for online through Paypal. Also, you may just ring us to place your order or to seek advice as to which sort of test may be the right one for you. In any case you will receive our test kit complete with all sampling material and a step-by-step instruction in a neutral white envelope.

The paternity testing will take 4 working days from the time that all samples and the complete documentation arrive at our lab. In case you need your results more urgently, please choose our over-night express service.

Please read more about about our DNA analyses, testing fees and payment options.

The contents of a test kit

You may read through all forms that we send with the test kit before you even order it. Please just check through the PDFs in our download area. Like this you will know in advance which data you are required to provide and who will need to give their written consent for the test you want to perform.

You need your test kit now and cannot wait for us to send it?

You could check with your pharmacy if they hold our test kit on stock. Please ask for pharma number: 11543005 Also, we assist you to create your own test kit. Please read our instructions

You need your report really quick?

just order our over-night express service

DNA Report

for your paternity you will receive your complete report after 4 working days via postal mail