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Paternity test DUO in your local German pharmacy

Maybe you are unsure if this test is the right for your purpose. You can of course call us and we will be happy to support you and answer your questions. Maybe you just don’t want to order anything over the internet. Then you may by our DNA paternity test for 2 participants at your local German pharmacy. Please be aware that it may cost more, retila prices in your local store my differ from internet prices.

Pharmacies only rarely have DNA test kits on stock. But your pharmacist may order the test with the pharmaceutical registration number 11543005. Your pharmacist may order the test with us and you will be able to go and collect it from him / her within 1-2 working days.

You may even be able to make an appointment for the necessary witnessed taking of samples with your pharmacist. This service may also be billed by your pharmacist. Please check in advance

You will find in your test kit

  • Order form
  • Form to fill in with your personal data during the witnessed taking of samples
  • sealed and sterile swabs for each participant
  • How-To Guide for the taking of samples

Test Kit Eurofins Paternity test