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An overview of our Paternity Testing services provides you with a choice of paternity tests which all are completely accurate, affordable and, of course, confidential. Please be aware that for a paternity test all participants must give their written consent (for those under age the person having parental care must consent).

Standard handling time for your paternity test: 4 working days

Paternity Test DUO

Paternity Test Premium

Need certainty whether you are the father or not? Our budget paternity test Duo may then be the test of choice for you. The test includes the analysis of the DNA of the child and the alleged father. The mother’s DNA is not tested for. But please note: If having custody, she is asked to give her written consent. This economic test will provide you with the results quickly and easily.

Please keep in mind: the Duo Test does not comply with the requirements for a court-directed or legal test. For court-directed or legal testing it is mandatory to include the mother’s DNA sample. Should you require a legal test please choose our Premium Paternity Test. This is also the appropriate test should two close relatives be in question as possible fathers.