1 relationship test for up to 3 participants

Costs: 489 (incl. VAT)
add. participants: 119 € (incl. VAT)
the analysis comprises up to 45 DNA markers

With a relationship test you may trace family relations apart from the father/ mother lineage. It is possible to determine a biological relationship between a child and alleged grandparents or aunts and uncles etc.

Even if not all family members are available for testing, relationship may be still be proven.

What do we need to conduct your relationship test?

A relationship test is more complex than a standard paternity or maternity test. We strongly recommend to consult our customer service team in order to determine whose samples are necessary and what is needed to answer your personal question.The various possibilities of analysis depend on the kind of result your are looking for and your own situation. E.g. are you female and would like to determine who your maternal grandmother is a totally different set-up than being male and wanting to know if a female is your father’s sister (aunt).

Your advantages at a glance

Highest Quality:

  • our lab is one of Germany’s leading forensic labs for DNA analyses
  • we provide you with an extended, legally admissible DNA Report incl. a table showing the DNA profiles of all participants


  • paternity probability is calculated individually for each case by our scientists
  • our DNA reports are double-checked independently by two of our scientists (four-eye-principle)

Test results

For each participant we will write a legally admissible DNA report.

Free of charge, we extend the amount of tested DNA markers until we get a conclusive result.Therefore, our relationship test is extensive and accurate and results are absolutely reliable. Guaranteed.

Call Us for Assistance

We highly recommend that you talk to our scientific team to determine which persons should participate in your test in order for you to receive the best possible results and choose the appropriate test.

A witnessed taking of samples is mandatory for each participant according to the German Genetic Diagnostic Act (Gendoagnostikgesetz), either in our laboratory or with a medical doctor of your choice (alternatively you may also choose a youth welfare office for the sampling).

Check out the paper work of the test kit

You will find all the necessary documents in our free test kit. Please feel free to have a look at them beforehand to make yourself familiar with the process. They forms are available in our download area. If you like, you may order your free test kit here. It contains everything that is required for the test including comprehensive instructions and sampling material.

If you aim to gain knowledge about siblingship, we recommend our dedicated sibling test.