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DNA tests can reliably trace family relationships even across several generations. We offer a big range of analyses for a variety of purposes.

Relationship Test

Sibling Test

Twin Test

Maternity Test

With a relationship test you may test for other family relationship, such as uncle, aunt and cousin. To conduct those analyses can prove to be rather complicated depending on which individuals are available for testing. Please call us to discuss your personal situation. We will find a way.

A siblingship test determines if 2 or more individuals are full or half siblings. Also, the question of paternity can be answered indirectly with a siblingship test when we find that the participants are full siblings.

If you have twins you may one day like to know if they are monozygotic or dizygotic. We can answer this question for you with our twin DNA analysis.

To conduct a maternity test seems to be unnecessary at first glance. Still, there are situations in life when you wish for such a test. Mix ups in hospital, adoption or also legal purposes may require a maternity test. Please call us to discuss your personal situation.