1 Siblingship DNA test for up to 3 participants

Costs: 489 (incl. VAT)
add. participants: 119 € (incl. VAT)
the analysis comprises up to 45 DNA markers

This analysis allows you to determine if 2 or more persons are siblings. They can either be half siblings (1 joint parent), full siblings (2 joint parents) or not related at all. Reversely, this test may also show a possible joint father even though he may not have given his sample.

There are situations in which a putative father can not be sampled anymore. Still, if there is absolute knowledge about biological children, a DNA test with those samples and those of a uncertain possible sibling can help to determine the paternity and siblingship.

Samples we need for a siblingship test

If we conduct this test for persons of the same sex we will use a X chromosome test (sister to sister test) for female and a Y chromosome test (brother to brother test) for male participants. For this test we need either a cheek-swab sample or a blood sample of the putative siblings.

DNA Brother to Brother test:

Men possess one X chromosome and one Y chromosome each. Male offspring inherit this Y chromosome from their father so that it is unchanged during the parental line. They will also for their part, give this same Y chromosome to their sons.

  • With a Brother to Brother Y chromosome test 2 or more male persons may confirm their siblingship by a joint biological father.
  • With this test we can also determine if they indeed do have a joint biological father if the father’s samples cannot be provided for a test. For this test a direct male relative of the putative father will be asked to give his samples
  • For the alleged brothers we can also find if they have a joint biological mother with a test of their X chromosome

DNA Sister to Sister test

Women posses 2 X chromosomes which they pass on to daughters if they have female offspring.This fact allows it to determine a relationship between females of one lineage.

  • With a Sister to Sister X chromosome test 2 or more female persons may confirm their siblingship by a joint biological father (the putative father passes his X chromosome on to a female offspring)
  • Also, of course, a biological mother can be determined

DNA Sibling test

For participants of different sexes we offer a DNA sibling test to verify whether or not they are genetically related. This test will show a half and a full siblingship and also reveal if they are not related at all. This test is based upon a statistical calculation which will give a siblingship index. It is difficult to say beforehand how accurate the figures in this index may be as it very much depends how much common genetic material the participants share. To include the sample of the biological mother can render more conclusive results.

Your advantages

Highest quality:

  • our lab is one of Germany’s leading forensic labs for DNA analyses
  • we provide you with an extended DNA Report incl a table showing the DNA profiles of all participants


  • our experienced scientists calculate your personal and individual relationship likelihood (statistically)
  • our DNA reports are verified under dual control by 2 of our scientists

Consult with our staff

It is always important for us to understand your personal question. Would you like a test for a full siblingship? Would like to determine a half siblingship to a person with whom you think you share one biological parent. Maybe you are adopted and search your biological parents?

All these situations may find an answer in a siblingship test. But please consult with our scientific staff beforehand so we may judge your situation and recommend on participants for the best possible result of the DNA test.

Before each test – the sampling

A witnessed taking of samples is mandatory for each participant, either in our labs or with a GP of your choice (alternatively you may also choose a youth welfare office for the sampling). According to the German Genetic Diagnostics Act (Gendoagnostikgesetz) the witnessed taking of samples is mandatory even cases of privately conducted „peace-of-mind” tests.

Check out the paper work of the test kit

You may inspect all the papers and forms that you will find within your test set beforehand in our download area. The test kit may then be ordered for free here. It contains everything that is required for the test including comprehensive instructions.