Witnessed taking of samples

According to the German Genetic Diagnostics Act (Gendiagnostikgesetz) a witnessed collection of samples for each DNA test is compulsorily.

As an accredited laboratory for DNA analyses we are obliged to comply with the German Genetic Diagnostics Act. In compliance with this law the sampling and the information about genetic testing according to the law has to be done by the laboratory itself or a „suitable and informed neutral expert”.

Your advantage: our DNA reports can be used for court directed tests. So you can indeed save money if your decision to go to court or not is depending on the DNA results. Besides: you can thoroughly trust the report as the samples are taking in a witnessed sampling where no party has the opportunity to cheat.

Collecting the DNA samples – Chain of Custody

The sample collection for all DNA tests must follow a certain protocol (chain of custody).All DNA samples need to be collected by a neutral third party person, known as „sampler”. The sampler is not only the person who collects the samples but is also witness to the sample collection. This means he or she will verify the identity of each participant. In general, the sampler may be a doctor of any sorts. You may also turn to your local youth welfare or public health office to have them conduct your witnessed taking of samples. Other persons than that are not allowed to funtion as your sampler, according to the law. The sampler may charge a which you will need to cover yourself; it is not included in our costs.

Who conducts a witnessed taking of samples?

You can either have us conducting your sampling or you choose to go to a neutral third party sampler.

Our experts can take your sampling during our office hours from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Any questions can be discussed directly with our employees. Please arrange for an appointment beforehand.

If you may not come to our premises you can always choose a third party neutral person to conduct the sampling. According to the law this neutral person, your sampler, needs to be a qualified doctor or an employee of a youth welfare or public health office. There may occur extra fees, please ask in advance.

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A witnessed taking of samples requires the identification of each test participant. Therefore, it is extremely important to complete our provided forms correctly. On the „Sample statement and Declaration” your sampler will note your personal data. For this you must present either your ID card or your passport. For babies and infants without either one of these, please provide the respective birth certificate. Copies of each document need to be attached to the documentation. Also, you must provide a photo of each participant which clearly shows the face.

Chain of Custody

„Chain of custody” is a term to describe the proper control of the DNA sampling and the documentation throughout the sampling process. That includes the postage of all documents and samples. You may under no circumstance take the documentation home with you. To maintain the „chain of custody” the DNA samples and all documentation need to be posted by the sampler directly to avoid it being tampered with.

Judges have the right to decline DNA test results

A judge in a legal DNA paternity test may always rule against your choice of laboratory and test results in order to have the complete test done by the court’s forensic. Generally, our DNA reports may be used at court as they are fully legally admissible. The judge is not obliged to accept the report done in a lab of your choice but once you can present a DNA test result done by an accredited laboratory with a proper chain of custody judges are normally happy to save the time and go ahead with the lawsuit.